Established in 1979, PBD Consulting (formerly Price Bertram Dale) is an international business information and strategy consultancy with offices in the UK, The Netherlands, Spain and Sweden.

Two thirds of our activity relates to acquisitions, and this divides between Acquisition Search programmes and target-specific Commercial Due Diligence; and in this area we have an excellent reputation with banking and private equity clients in both London, New York and Hong Kong.

  The balance of our activity is in other business information and analytical services, such as Management Performance Audits, Marketing Research, Competitive Intelligence, Export Studies, Distributor Search and Strategy Planning. Our experience spans gas turbines through to baby carriages, and we operate in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

In style we fall somewhere between a business-to-business research house, and a traditional strategy consultancy. We are small enough to provide clients with a personal service, but large enough to take on complex multi-country projects. We have a pragmatic rather than academic approach, and work best with clients who have a clear understanding of why they need the kind of support we provide.